• Traditional Services – This is probably what we as a society are most accustomed to. It involves complete body preparations, embalming, and having the individual available for a casketed visitation and service at either their local church or at our funeral home. The casketed remains are then taken to a cemetery or mausoleum for interment or entombment.
  • Cremation Services – When cremation is chosen, there are options!
    • You can choose to have embalming and casketed remains present for a visitation and service either at your church or at our funeral home. The difference being, instead of going to the cemetery or mausoleum, the deceased is transported to the crematory for cremation. The cremains are then interred or handled in what ever manner the family prefers.
    • Some families may choose to have the cremation completed prior to the service, either immediately or after having time for family visitation. In either case, the cremains are then present for whatever services are selected.
  • Immediate Burial or Direct Disposition – At the time of death, the family can choose not to have any type of public service. We would then either go directly to the cemetery for burial or to the crematory for cremation.

Whatever type of services you choose, there are several options and variations. No two families are the same, so it is very understandable to have different needs and wishes when it comes to the services for their loved one.

You, as a family, should select whatever you are comfortable with.

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