When it comes to preplanning, you can go into as much detail as you are comfortable doing.

  • Some families gather information about their options and what type of information is going to be needed.
  • Some families try to find out what their options are for setting money aside for the type of services that are selected.
  • Some families plan out the funeral completely and pre-pay as though the death has already taken place.
  • We also have families that are “shopping”, or making a comparison between the costs and services provided by different funeral homes.

By planning ahead, you can also get a feeling for the funeral home and their staff.

When comparing funeral homes, you need to compare every aspect of the funeral home and what they have to offer!

Do not choose a funeral home completely by the use of their web site!! We are more than that, give us the opportunity to visit with you in person or over the phone. Entrusting your loved one to someone else is a very difficult decision and should be thought through.

At Ladbury's, we are not an 8-5 business. We are always available and willing to visit with you about thoughts, questions, or wishes!

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